Strategy in the middlegame

* It is very important to study these themes as the middlegame is where most players get into time pressure or just cannot find a plan.

* These themes are very useful for children as well as adults, with level ranging from beginners to 2500 ELO. For practical players, amateurs, trainers, and just lovers of chess! Studying these themes helps to find plans, ideas, build strategies 15-35 moves into the game.

* Each number – theme contains from few to many hundreds of examples. Every game fragment has been analysed and is already in ChessBase/Fritz format which makes it very easy to study. Those examples that you wish to purchase will be in your hands already after some minutes! 🙂

Prices: each example costs 20 cents, so 10 examples cost 2 euros, etc.

13. Sacrificing a pawn to a Queen for a file

23. “Inactive”/Bad knight

32. Provocation

40. The weakness of the f6-square (for the Knight)
56. Opening the position up

61. h4 with the idea of h5

71. Freeing up a square
86. The a- or h-pawn plays against the Knight on b- or g-files

89. Queen and Knight (weakness of f6 or h6 squares)
107. Positional cramping and space advantage
108. “Pawn sacrifice for initiative”
126. White Nc3 or Nd2 goes to b1
127. Sacrificing the passed pawn for discoordination of opponent’s pieces
128. Moves backwards lose!
129. Strong moves backwards!
145. The use of c4 square for Black pieces not in Sicilian
149. The advantage of two Bishops in middlegame

152. Rook comes back to the 1st (8th) rank
153. h2-h3 and Kh2 before starting an attack

161. Two Bishops are stronger than two Knights
162. To exchange the piece or not, and if yes, on which square?
163. Pushing the passed pawn forward
164. “Don’t let your opponent to make a good move”

166. Two Knights are stronger than two Bishops

191. “Inactive”/Bad Bishop
192. 2 Bishops versus 2 Bishops in middlegame
210. Positional cramping after h2-h4-h5
211. Positional cramping h7-h5-h4
238. h7-h6 and Kh7 before starting an attack

239. h7/h6-h5 with the idea of h4

250. “King Traveller”

278. Queen and Knight (weaknesses on f3 and h3)
279. The art of exchange
297. g7-g5 (g6-g5) – gaining space

308. “Inactive”/Bad Queen

309. “Inactive”/Bad Rook
310. Black lifts the R to с4 for a good play
311. Black Knight goes to b8 (from c6 or d7)
336. h2-h4 gaining space
341. Positional h5-h6

354. Rook improvement by 2nd (7th) rank
355. How White can win with a,b, d5, e, f, g, h pawn structure against the same of Black
359. Outpost
360. Gaining space on the queenside
363. Queen and Bishop play on opposite colors

365. Intermediate move
366. Development advantage
381. Gaining space on the kingside
383. Gaining space by pushing pawns on the kingside in Advanced Var. of the CK
384. Opening up the center in Caro-Kann
385. Don’t let him castle!

389. Playing against an isolated pawn
390. Playing with an isolated pawn
391. Hanging pawns
392. Playing on the open file
393. Playing on the half-open file
395. How to win with an extra pawn
396. Positional blunder
402. Doubled pawns
406. Carlsbad pawn structure
407. Backward pawn
408. Pawn majority
409. Exchanging with an extra material
411. Attacking the King that is stuck in the center
412. Pawn sacrifice on b2
413. Removal of blockade
414. The use of the Rook on the 2nd or 7th ranks

420. Outside passed pawn in middlegame

421. Piece improvement

422. Spoiling the pawn structure

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