Methods and sacrifices in various openings

* These themes are very useful for children as well as adults, with level ranging from beginners to 2500 ELO. For practical players, amateurs, trainers, and just lovers of chess! Studying these themes helps to find plans, ideas, build strategies 15-35 moves into the game..

* Each number – theme contains from few to many hundreds of examples. Every game fragment has been analysed and is already in ChessBase/Fritz format which makes it very easy to study. Those examples that you wish to purchase will be in your hands already after some minutes! 🙂

Prices: each example costs 20 cents, so 10 examples cost 2 euros, etc.

Queen’s Gambit Declined

Hanging pawns (Black)

All about Ruy Lopez

94. Light square Bishop used on a2-g8 diagonal
101. Nf5 under g6-pawn
104. Ruy Lopez of the 20th century (most interesting and useful games)
105. Using the Light square Bishop of White
106. “Ruy Lopez in R.Fischer’s repertoire”
146. Nf5 – positional idea
169. The a-file
170. What to do after Ng4-Nxg4-hxg4?
212. N:f7 sacrifice
258. g2-g4 push
274. How to win the b5-pawn?
348. e4 – e5 push
403. c7-c6 push
404. d6-d5 push

Everything about the Sicilian

21. Black sacrifices the exchange on с3 (Rxс3)
53. g5-g6 push
54. g6 and h6
83. The с4-square used by Black pieces
84. Qс7-с5(с4)
111. Knight or Bishop sacrifice on g4 in Dragon variation
117. Black sacrifices Nxе4
177. Black pawns on b3 and a3
194. Nf5 for Nd5
200. Sacrifice of White Knight on b5 (Nxb5)
237. b4-b3
256. White sacrifices Bd5
257. White sacrifices Nd5
263. f4-f5
265. Nf6 sacrifice
272. Bxb5 sacrifice of White Bishop
273. How can White win against set-ups with the Black pawn on d7
277. The freeing d6-d5 (d7-d5) push
287. White sacrifices an exchange on f6 (Rxf6)
288. f5-f6 push
290. g2-g4 push
294. e4-e5 push
310. Rс8-с5(с4)
313. White sacrifices Bb5
327. Sacrifice of White Knight on b5 (Nb5)
338. White sacrifices Bxе6
339. White sacrifices Nxe6
351. White sacrifices Nе6
353. White Bishops goes to f6
361. f7-f5 push
371. Space advantage in Rossolimo c 3…e6 4.0-0
372. The advantage of 2 Bishops in Rossolimo
373. Playing on the c6-pawn after 4. Bxс6 bxc6 in Rossolimo
374. White plays on the queenside in Rossolimo after 0-0 in 4.Bxс6 dxc6 line
375. Both sides castle long in Rossolimo
376. White attacks on the kingside after 0-0-0 in Rossolimo – 4. Bxc6 dxc6 line
377. White plays in the center and on queenside in Rossolimo – 4.Bxс6 dxc6 line
378. White plays in the center in Rossolimo after 0-0 – 4.Bxc6 dxc6 line
379. Black starts to play on the queenside first in Rossolimo with 0-0 – 4.Bxс6 dxc6
380. Playing on the kingside in Rossolimo with 0-0 – 4.Bxc6 dxc6
398. h5-h6
400. exf4 terminating White’s attack

King’s Indian

19. f5-f4 push
33. c5-c4 push
36. e5-e4 push
122. g5-g4 push
144. g4-g3 push
208. Improving the Black Bishop Bg7(f8)-h6
244. Bishops gets into the game via f6
253. Black Knight captures the е4-pawn
254. d6-d5 push
255. Sacrifice of Black Knight Ng3 и Nxg3
260. Black Knight gets into d4
289. c4-c5 push
332. Black Bishop or Knight sacrifice on g4
357. White sacrifices a Knight or a Bishop on с5
382. Bg7-f8
388. g2-g4 push
399. f4-f3 push
415. King’s Indian – most interesting and useful games


261. White sacrifices Nxh7
264. f4-f5 push
283. White sacrifices the exchange on a4
323. White sacrifices the Knight on с4 (Nxс4)
364. Black sacrifices the exchange Rxf3
386. g2-g4 push
397. Black sacrifices the Knight on е5 (Nxе5)


45. Black sacrifices Qxb5, gets a R, minor piece and lots of play
262. с5-с4 push
401. e4-e5 push


267. White sacrifices Nxf7
383. White gains space on the kingside in Advanced Variation
384. Opening up the center


292. g2-g4 push
362. е4-е5 push


295. f5-f4 push


387. g2-g4 push

Nimzo-Indian Defence

394. How to use the advantage of Bishop pair


416. Tactical methods

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