My Chess Books

I have published two middlegame books on my own (these books help to find the right study plan and teach how to think correctly!) and four openings ones for major publishing house Everyman Chess. Here is some info about them:


  • My first chess book, “The Very Unusual Book About Chess”, is about the tactical (advanced level) middlegame and contains several interesting methods of playing this part of the game, complimented by many instructive examples by the world’s leading players (Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik, Shirov, Sutovsky etc.) on each method.

The chapter breakdown is as follows:

  1. 1.Gifted Moves (Gifted Ideas)
  2. 2. Special Chapters (“Easy But Nice”)
  3. 3. “Kasparov’s Rook”
  4. 4. g5-g6 followed by h5-h6 in positions with opposite-side castling
  5. 5. Kings Can Do Even The Impossible
  6. 6. f4-f5 in the Sicilian Defence

The book is available in English and Russian (see the covers below). It is 136 pages long and includes detailed verbal comments and the special “Dembo-rules”! The english version costs 15 euros, including postage & packaging. You can view some samples from the book in PDF format:

from the Preface  (english)(russian)

from the first chapter “Gifted Moves”  (english)(russian)

from the fifth chapter “f4-f5”  (english)(russian)


  • My second book is titled “Conversation with a Professional Trainer – Methods of Positional Play” and is on basic and advanced strategy. You can download the table of contentshere. The cost of this book is 15 euros, including postage & packaging.

These two books are not available commercially and it is not possible to order them through this website either. If you are interested, you shouldemail medirectly. Payments are possible through PayPal.

In late 2006 I started working for Everyman Chess, the most significant chess publishing house of our times. The products of our cooperation so far:Play the Gruenfeld

  • Play The Gruenfeld was my first opening book, released in mid-2007! It provides a complete repertoire in the Gruenfeld Defence for the player with Black.

Fighting the Anti-King's Indians

Dangerous Weapons King's Indian

  • Next one was a contribution of a few chapters in Dangerous Weapons: The King’s Indian. Other contributing authors are GM Glenn Flear and IM Richard Palliser. The book was published in 2009.

The Scotch Game

  • My latest  work was The Scotch Game with IM Richard Palliser as the 2nd author. The book was published in March 2011.

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