73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament – round 2

There was a tough day in the A group yesterday – only Nepomniaschi won against Wang Hao! In the B group Ganguly won against Hammer and McShane Beat Li Chao. All other games were drawn. Some more action was shown in the C group with Kazhgaleyev coming back to win against van Kampen, Bluvshtein, Lahno and Siebrecht winning against Swiercz, Sachdev and van der Werf respectively!

You can view live games, photos, videos and everything else on the event at http://www.tatasteelchess.com/

73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament – round 1

Anand won a weird game against Ponomariov after the latter got his Queen trapped and Nakamura won a nice game against Grischuk.

You can view games at http://www.tatasteelchess.com/tournament/livegames

Standings in Group A:

1-3. V. Anand, H. Nakamura, J. Smeets 1
4-11. L. Aronian, M. Carlsen, A. Giri, W. Hao, V. Kramnik, E. l’Ami, I. Nepomniachtchi, M. Vachier-Lagrave ½
12-14. A. Grischuk, R. Ponomariov, A. Shirov 0

Standings in Group B:

1-4. Z. Efimenko, L. McShane, D. Navara, G. Sargissian 1
5-10. L. Chao, L. Fressinet, L. Liem, F. Nijboer, W. So, V. Tkachiev ½
11-14. S. Ganguly, J. Hammer, W. Spoelman, R. Wojtaszek 0

Standings in Group C:

1-4. I. Nyzhnyk, T. Sachdev, D. Swiercz, D. Vocaturo 1
5-10. M. Bluvshtein, B. Bok, K. Lahno, R. Pruijssers, S. Siebrecht, M. van der Werf ½
11-14. J.W. de Jong, I. Ivanisevic, M. Kazhgaleyev, R. van Kampen 0

Check out the photos done by Fred Lucas at http://www.tatasteelchess.com/tournament/gallery

73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament

First results are out!

Group A: Smeets won a very nice game vs Shirov using a novelty in Arkhangelsk Variation; Carlsen drew Aronian – as he tweeted himself “the opening was unsuccessful”. Nijboer drew Chao in Group B.

View Live Games at http://www.tatasteelchess.com/tournament/livegames

Wonderful photo report from first hands is on http://www.alinalami.com/