Budva, round seven

Today I won a strange game vs Veleski Robert of MKD (2269 elo). We got to a slightly better position for me around move 15 and then he blundered a Q in one move… What a pity! The game was going to be very interesting. His main problem was the lack of good moves and the development was terrible. But still… 🙂

Tomorrow we have a rest day, hopefully walk around, do some sightseeing if the weather is good. And then I will play GM A. Minasian of Armenia with 2557 elo.

Budva, round six – part two

I drew GM Macieja (2607 elo) of Poland today. He had a very promising position after the opening but then got into strong time-pressure and I gained a strong initiative by sacrificing a pawn. around move 30-40 he found some very good moves and neutralised my activity by exchanging some pieces and pawns.

So far the average rating of my opponents with Black pieces is 2660 🙂 Tomorrow I am playing White vs Veleski Robert (2269 elo) of MKD.

Budva, round six

Yesterday I drew GM Savchenko (2654 elo) in another fighting game. In early middlegame he sacrificed an exchange, I sacrificed a pawn in return on the next move and we got an unclear endgame. Later on I thought I was slightly better, he thought the same about his position 🙂 After the game we analysed and concluded that nobody could achieve more than a draw as the position was closed and I had a terrible pawn structure.

Today I play GM Macieja (2607 elo) who was European champion some years ago.