Friday Middlegame Example

The example is not only very nice and interesting but there are also several “Dembo-rules” and themes in it. Can you find them?

World Championship Round 2

Today was the day of the 2nd game of the 2nd round. Players who passed to the 3rd round are: Zhukova, Harika, M.Muzychuk, Huang Qian, T.Kosintseva, Pogonina, Galliamova, Sebag, Javakhishvili and tomorrow we have some interesting tie-break matches including the one between Hou Yifan and M.Socko. Most interesting games of this round are:

World Championship Round 1/game 2

In this game which was a Fianchetto KID I tried to create an attack and sacrificed some pawns but IM Khurtsidze successfully defended and won. Here is the game:

Since it is a knock-out event I unfortunately have to head back home tomorrow morning. Thank you all for following my games and rooting for me! 🙂