Hurray!! Half work is done on my study-material collection!

I have finished working on the first 200 themes in my study-material collection! So far we gathered over 20 thousand examples of games on these themes! Here are some nice examples from it:

The theme is: Nf5 sacrifice in the Sicilian:

The next game is from the theme “Rook lift to the 3rd rank to attack the King”:

Everyone who is interested in this study-material collection can send an e-mail with questions/requests to .

Typical sacrifices

Here are some more examples from games of my dad with typical sacrifices and lots of “Dembo – rules”. Enjoy! 🙂

A very nice game! :)

I’d like to show you another game of one of my students played yesterday. I really liked it and hope you will enjoy it too 🙂

My dad’s attacks and sacrifices – Part III

One of the readers who found tactical solutions suggested to call it “The Vladimir Dembo school of tactics” :). I think it is a good title. Here are some new examples: